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come out and play

2008, Apr. 29th | 04:00 pm

a SYSTEMproduct

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2007, Mar. 21st | 09:29 pm
Location: 112
Music: Derango - Oscilla

Hi, I don't really post here much. I prefer to use the journal at my website located at http://orgnsm.org

You can add a feed to your LJ Friends Page of my journal entries by going to http://syndicated.livejournal.com/orgnsm_feed/profile

Alternatively, if you use a feed reader you can directly add my feed with the semantic URI: http://orgnsm.org/syndicate

Thank you.

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iom (iteration three)

2006, Oct. 9th | 06:29 pm

iom 3 flyer
... so, we'll be continuing the iom entertainment channel with iteration three; a night of dark and edgey dancefloor-oriented music. this time hard techno (from DJ Catharsis) and IDM (from DJ Blau) will be introduced into the otherwise trance-based program.
all night. private oakland warehouse location. friends + friends of friends event... help me get the word out.
View gathering three details (various flyer sizes are linked here).

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(no subject)

2006, Aug. 4th | 11:55 pm
Music: derango - masterdamnit

august iom flyer

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august iom

2006, Jul. 25th | 11:35 pm

finally got the next party organized... here is the flyer:
august iom flyer
and, of course, more info at: iom.orgnsm.org
hope to see some of you!
Elizbeta and Rubyacht photos taken by Icka.
Grhamses, Orgnsm and Cryptid photos taken by MelanieBlau.

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(no subject)

2006, Feb. 3rd | 01:53 pm

really going to start getting into this parkour/free-running stuff... this kind of approach to movement through urban-scapes comes partially naturally to me... i didn't know there was a name for it or a following...

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